1957  DHC-2 BEAVER, s/n 1067 , TTAF 14,000 hrs
completely refurbished, new paint and interior, with many new parts, overhauled engine and components, overhauled propeller, all instruments overhauled, new avionics GTR 225 COM, GTX 327 transponder, audio panel , 6 pl intercom, new elevator control rod,
upper induction, military seats, folding cabin seats, hammock seat
sealand cabin extension, tip tanks, new floors, all AD’s and SB ‘s completed,
corrosion inspection done, new switches and breakers, 406 ELT, new windows, new door posts, new cables, rudder trim, 4580 floats, new trim jack, LED lighting
list of STC’s : no-blo exhaust gaskets, cabin dome windows, seaplane fins, cabin folding seats, sealand cabin extension, SS elevator push rods, alternator kit, float hatch, firewall battery.